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All you can jet – Off to Buffalo, NY for wings

Queens, NY Sat. 12 Sep. 2009.  One of the secondary goals of this trip is to go off to Buffalo, NY for wings.  The next leg of the trip should facilitate this.  I still have a few minutes yet to wait for the flight to Buffalo from gate 10.  So it was a good time to review the photos and catch up using the free Wi-Fi access in JFK’s T5 home of jetBlue Airways.

My flight information at gate 10

Soon it was boarding time and I boarded without any issues saying hello to the flight attendant who acknowledged me.  I then took my window seat near to the back and settled in.

Two guys sat next to me who it appears have been drinking.  They actually sat in the wrong seats initially on this 3-3 configured leather seats Airbus A320 (N565JB).

Our Captain Rich, came to the front of the cabin and introduced himself (a common thing on jetBlue) and advised that the flight time was 0:55 and he was expecting a smooth flight.

Soon after at 9:03p, the door closed then we ran through the safety message.  The flight attendant asked one of the guys next to me to turn off his phone and he appeared to have a little difficulty as he was using the calculator to figure out how much money he had spent that weekend.  Between the two of them it was close to $800!  Prior to that it sounded like he was talking to his young daughter on the phone telling her he was coming home.

The meal on the JFK to the Buffalo flight

We departed runway 22R-4L rather quickly as it continued to rain a bit.  Once airborne, it was time for drinks and snacks as LiveTV continued to play.

It was an uneventful flight and we touched down rather early at 10:06p.  The pilots did some hard braking in order to make the first high speed turn off.  You could feel the airplane shudder as we did so.  On our taxi up to the gate we were advised that some of the airport lights would go out at 10:30p for maintenance.  So don’t be alarmed.  It was 10:08p when we blocked into the gate.

As I made my way out the door, one of the flight attendant noticed my button and said thank you.  I acknowledged here and smiled.  I also asked the Captain for the name of the airplane.  He did not know, but went outside and got the name, Bippity Boppity Blue for me.  Wow, I did not expect that at all!

The Anchor bar at the airport

I thanked them all and made my up the jetway as I wanted to see if I could get to the Anchor Bar, home of the Buffalo wings.  There is one at the airport, but it was closed.  The one in the city, about 13 miles away closes at midnight on Saturdays.

My research had shown that there is a bus I could take, but it would arrive in the city after the place closed.  A cab would be $30-$35 on the meter, so that was cost prohibitive.  I had checked out car rentals, but they would amount to the about the same price as a cab both ways.  Buffalo wings are out this trip I decided.

I then went back inside and called the hotel shuttle which arrived in about 10 minutes just after the airport lights went out.  The shuttle soon showed.  I was really tired so a hotel bed was calling.

Have you ever been to Buffalo for wings?

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