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All you can jet – I have secured airport transportation

Houston, TX Fri. Sep. 11, 2009.  I just picked up a car from Thrifty for $23.96 total for a one day rental ($18.70/day).  They had a sweet deal I could not refuse.  I did try Hertz and Avis, but they were too pricey.  They usually have an excellent weekend rate, but not this weekend.

I do prefer Avis and Hertz as they never ask me to look at the car for scratches.  I think it is so silly when car companies like Thrifty asks that.  Of course the car will get dinged with use.  You are a car rental company that is a part of the whole deal, geez…

It is raining in Houston, so even if the car is scratched a little I could not see it as the car is wet.  I only noticed scratches on the bumper.  Hopefully I did not miss any.

Three Metro buses serve the Houston-Hobby airport
Three Metro buses serve the Houston-Hobby airport

The cost for getting to Houston-Hobby from downtown is about $25 with Super Shuttle and $45 or so with a cab.  Metro Houston goes there with the #88, #73 and the #50, but the flight is at 7:35a and the journey from downtown on either of the buses is about an hour.

As I have to arrive at the airport at 6:35a, that means a bus at 5:35a, which means I have to get a bus from my house at about 5:00a, so wake up at 4:00a, so not going to happen.  Checking Google maps also confirmed that there is no bus that early and says the journey time would be 1:54 so nope.

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