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All you can jet – heading north to Syracuse then to JFK

Orlando, FL 13 Sep. 2009.  It was 9:47a when we made it to the gate in Orlando, FL (MCO).  In another three hours I’d be on a plane again heading north to Syracuse then to JFK.  New airport number three is in range.

The jetBlue Flight Information Display in Orlando, FL (MCO)

I deplaned and walked around the airport.  The was a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica as well as Newburgh, NY (SWF) and a few other cities.  I was trying to work in Newburgh, but the flight times does not work well.  But I have to figure out an itinerary that works though as Newburgh must be logged before the month is done.

I found an area that had a seat, a desk power plugs and a phone.  Plus I had a view of the planes coming and going so I was set for the next few hours.  Plus Orlando International has free Wi-Fi – a definite plus.

jetBlue 660 Orlando to Syracuse

Three hours seemed like forever, but boarding time arrived and I did, noting that I was boarding an Airbus A320, “Blue Suede Shoes” which is registered as N566JB.



More legroom  on the Airbus A320 on the Orlando to Syracuse flight

Onboard, I realized that I was indeed sitting in the extra legroom section of the flight.  The extra 4″ does indeed make a difference and is quite noticeable.

I did say hello to the lady next to me who lived in both Orlando and Syracuse and flies the route often.  She told me that she did not pay extra to sit here, which tells me that she got rewarded for her business with jetBlue.

She said her daughter was way in the back and she wanted her to come sit in the middle.  She never materialized though.  It was good to have that middle seat empty.

We pushed back early at 12:41p just after it stopped raining heavily.  I thought that the rain would delay our departure, but not so.

Orlando to Syracuse meal

Soon after takeoff, we had a boat load of snacks to choose from once more and complimentary beverages.  Wine and alcohol is 6 USD.  Of course Live TV is free but 6 USD for a movie of which there are three.

I did some work on the computer and watched TV for a bit as I headed north to Syracuse and then to JFK.  I actually ran out of power; wished jetBlue had power at the seat, but oh well.

Soon, it was time to land in my next new airport, Syracuse, NY (SYR) where we landed at 3:16p and was at the gate by 3:18p, two minutes early.

This is a much smaller airport than Buffalo, NY (BUF).  The passengers for the return flight to Orlando, FL (MCO) were all waiting in the small gate area.  I needed to go get the registration of the plane so I did before exiting and heading for the restroom.  I really needed to go.

I then made my way through security and downstairs to the check-in area as I did not have a boarding pass for the next flight.

Agents in Syracuse, NY (SYR)

I made my way to the counter and met a wonderful lady, Valerie.  She re-printed my boarding pass for the JFK bound flight and also asked me if I was continuing on from JFK.  I told her yes and she found my connecting flight to Houston and then printed a boarding pass for me.  She even posed for a picture for me.

I then walked around the airport a bit.  Syracuse has done a good job about educating visitors about aviation by having a huge aviation display.  If you ever pass through, you should check it out.

ERJ-190 landing in Syracuse, NY (SYR)

I noticed the time and then headed upstairs to the TSA security check-in.  I had no issues passing through, then headed to the gate after spotting a Boeing 737-200 at another gate.  It looked like a charter flight though.  I also saw my airplane landing.

I seeked out a power port and found one in a corner next to a play area for kids.  I could see my plane landing so I took some pictures as well as a video.

Just before boarding, the agent welcomed the All you can Jetters, sweet, I thought.  I said hello to her as I boarded and thanked her for the acknowledgment.

ERJ-190 taxiing into the gate in Syracuse, NY (SYR)

I boarded “Room with a Blue,” N294JB an Embraer 190 saying hello as I did so.  I settled in on this very empty 0:40 flight down to JFK.  Gabe our Captain, addressed us before departure saying that we will leave shortly and we will be holding for a bit due to ATC in JFK.  However, we will still arrive about 0:25 early.

We did pushback at 5:05p and sat for a bit until 5:14p, then we started our taxi out taking off at 5:19p.

Meal on the Syracuse to JFK flight

Due to the length of the flight, we had offerings of coke, diet coke, sprite and water plus chips and cookies.

I looked out and noticed that we were crossing Manhattan.  It was awesome to see the city below.  We then headed way out to sea and made left turns in until we landed at 6:24p, arriving at the gate at 6:30p, 0:19 early.  It was a fantastic view of New York from the air as we came in.

Just one more leg to go in this weekend’s journey. 


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