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All you can jet – Booking the final weekend on the blue birds

Houston, TX 30 Sep., 2009.  I just got done booking the final weekend on the blue birds. A little stressful if I might add.

jetBlue’s schedule does not work so well when you live in the great state of Texas sadly. I wanted to do Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI), but that means a day off as the return flight does not connect well with my flight back home. I did however come up with an itinerary that takes me back to Buffalo, NY early enough to take the local bus downtown to have some Buffalo wings at the famous Anchor Bar.

Here is what I came up with, lame I know, but the real goal is to log Aguadilla, PR (BQN). If I could have made it back to Houston after that I would, but on Saturdays there is no late flight, only the 11:00a:

  1. 03OCT Orlando, FL (MCO) to Aguadilla, PR (BQN)
  2. 03OCT BQN to MCO
  3. 03OCT MCO to Buffalo, NY (BUF)
  4. 04OCT BUF to New York-John F. Kennedy, NY (JFK)
  5. 04OCT JFK to Houston-Hobby (HOU)

Usually the e-mails come right away with the details of the flight information, but not today. I’d feel more comfortable if I could ensure that it is correct.  If it is, they will just have to fix it at no charge.

The agent gave me crap about my routing saying I cannot depart twice from Orlando in the same day.  I told her I was connecting through Orlando, so it was fine.  She then fixed it and continued.  Oh and this weekend I did change my existing flight home, so unless I misconnect or something, no $100 fee.

So while I’m flying around the Caribbean and the U.S. this weekend, what are you up to?

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