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All cab drivers are not created equal

I’ve visited 89 countries and have taken several cabs. The driver I had early this morning is by far the best ever; all cab drivers are not created equal.

I got picked up promptly at 6:10a as previously arranged. I was greeted by a smartly dressed elderly Englishman as dawn retreated over Windsor Castle. I had a flight at 8:40a from London-Heathrow’s Terminal 4 about 30 minutes away. Sunday mornings in London is a bit difficult to get public transportation in certain areas; hence the cab.  On Sundays, the first bus from Windsor leaves at 7:10a arriving at Terminal 5 at 7:50a which would not have worked at all.

As we drove through the beautiful chilly morning towards the airport, I struck up a conversation with Jeff from FiveStar Taxi & Corporate Car Service. He’d been a taxi driver for 22 years and loved it. He had another five hours ahead of him that morning, but you would not know it.

He gave me a great history of the Windsor area and was sure to point out the narrowest point of the Thames river as we passed it.  He called the area “no man’s land” as no one lives in that area. It’s beautiful though. I sadly resisted the urge to ask him to stop so I could take a picture.

We arrived at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 about 6:30a. As I alighted, I paid him the 17 GBP fare plus a tip. He shook my hand and bade me goodbye and a pleasant flight. I was really thrilled.  Indeed this is by far my best cab ride.  Thanks Jeff!

Let me hear about your cab ride, I bet you can’t beat this one.

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