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A 3 hour delayed flight causes a change of plans

Houston, TX 16 Oct. 2009.  This weekend, I have three plans in mind:

  1. Iguasu Falls, Argentina (IGR)
  2. Las Vegas, NV (LAS) for Blogworld
  3. London, England (LHR)

Air Force One, a Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 and a Continental Airlines Boeing 777-200 in Houston-IntercontinentalI got to the airport with plenty of time to spare as I needed to get some tickets for the journey.  Just before doing that I went up to the roof of the parking and off in the distance I saw Air Force One; yup, the President of the United States, Barack Obama was in town for a benefit.  I think this was my first time taking a photo of this majestic Boeing 747 derivative.

I entered the airport without any incident, got my tickets and then headed to the Presidents Club for eats and a drink or two. I did notice that the airplane was not at the gate and thought that was strange.  Anyway, at about 8:00p, it was disclosed that the airplane would show in about twenty minutes so we should stay seated.  Well, this soon changed to a 9:30p departure, then a the airplane should be at the gate at 9:30p and finally to a set departure time of 12:30a.

This new time meant I could not make the journey as I would not be able to connect with the intended flights from Buenos Aires’ downtown airport to Iguasu.  With that I closed the door on heading south tonight.

Option 3 was no longer available as the London flight had departed at 6:25p, so Las Vegas it is.  Except that the last flight was at 9:30p.  No worries, I’ll take the 7:35a tomorrow.  See you then.

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