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7 Things You Must Do Before You Take That Flight

After you’ve bought that hard earned ticket for your trip, the experience does not stop there. Here are a few things you must do before you take that flight:

1). Download the Airline App – Almost every airline has an App. This where you can view your reservation, make changes, find an airport Club, check-in for your flight, check your flight’s status, check if you are on the upgrade list, access the inflight entertainment, etc. It saves you from having to call or ask for an agent assistance. Just search on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store for your airline name and start your download.

Things To Do Before Your Trip - Airline Apps

Things To Do Before Your Trip – Airline Apps


2). Get Airport Lounge Access – So I’ll admit it, I love my airport lounges. As soon as I arrive at an airport, I head for the lounge. Heck, I’ve even missed a flight as a result, but that’s a story for another time. There are several ways to gain access to airport lounges; pay for it, earn it via frequent flyer elite status, acquire it due to a credit card relationship, purchase a business or first class airline ticket or be a guest of someone who has access. There are cool perks such as, food, drinks, an area to take a nap, grab a shower, store your belongings, massages, etc. Some lounges do go the extra mile. Not to mention that its a place to get some additional peace and quite. If you don’t have any of the ways I described above, you can pay for a Priority Pass will will give you access worldwide to participating lounges starting at $99. Check it out Priority Pass here.

Things To Do Before Your Trip - SAS Lounge Stockholm-Arlanda

Things To Do Before Your Trip – SAS Lounge Stockholm-Arlanda


3). Join the Frequent Flyer Program of the airline(s) you are traveling – If you do nothing out of these tips, do this one. I can hear you saying, but I’ll never fly this airline again. Just do it. Leave no points/miles on the table. Every bit of flying you do add up. The rules are pretty odd these days, but sign up anyways and earn those points.


4). Join Global Entry or a similar program for your country – I kid you not, it takes me less than 30 seconds now to place my passport on the reader, answer the questions, tap my fingerprints and get my receipt once I arrive back in the U.S. It actually takes longer to walk from the airplane to the machines :-). Global Entry is a U.S. program that streamlines your entry into the U.S. Sign up here. The program also gives you access to similar programs in Australia, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Of course if you are a citizen of those countries you can apply for your own system.


5). Research Ground Transportation – With the advent of Uber (download and use this code “kerwinm20ue” to get your first ride discounted) and Lyft (links gives you $50 credit) there are now several additional ways to get to your destination once you arrive at the airport. You may also take a train and/or a local bus. Do some research, check the airport Web site, etc. And also download Google Maps to your mobile phone. Check out some choices to get from the Airport to the City here.

Things To Do Before Your Trip - Arlanda Express Stockholm

Things To Do Before Your Trip – Arlanda Express Stockholm

6). Have Backup Plans – Flight Cancellations and Delays will happen. If you know how to deal with them before they happen you are a step ahead of the rest. Know the cancellation rules of your airline. This and other information can be found in their Contract of Carriage. I know people never read it, but you should. By U.S. your U.S. airline has to produce it if you ask for it. Other countries may have similar laws as well. You can usually find it online with most airlines. Typically, you can get a refund or travel on another airline to your destination. Also, knowing a backup route helps as you can just tell the agent to re-book you via that route. And don’t hesitate to connect via another country. If your flight is delayed, you may be entitled to compensation, but again, you have to know the rules. If traveling our of Europe, there is something called the UE261 rule. Ask about it. Also, sometimes the airlines can and will give you a food voucher, just by you simply asking for it. Nicely of course :-).

7). Get Travel Insurance – I know you are perhaps skeptical about this. But let’s think about it? You’ve spent a few thousand dollars on your trip what’s another $60 or so to protect your investment? If something goes wrong more than likely you are covered (check the policy of course to make sure). It’s peace of mind. Check if your credit card you use to book your Holiday covers you or Check our travel insurance partner for details. Note that you will need at least one day before you leave to initiate this insurance policy.

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