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10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn’t

10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn’t

I’m always amazed each time I fly as I see passengers doing a ton of thing apart from paying attention during the flight attendant safety demo video. Not paying attention is akin to someone taking to you and you talking at the same time or just ignoring them. Would you do that?


Cathay Pacific (CX) Boeing 773 Interior
Cathay Pacific (CX) Boeing 773 Interior
So I thought I’d write this article based on my observations on several flights over the years. So here are ten things passengers do during the flight attendant safety demo, that they shouldn’t. Maybe you’ve observed the same on your flights. Plus show this really terrible I did back in 2011 on the subject:

1. Perform A Manicure

Always a crowd pleasure. People do strange things on an airplane. For some reason, they are now relaxed as they’ve rushed to make the flight and this is the time they choose to do a manicure. Really? It should not be as no one wants to see that. Besides, fingernail clippings are going everywhere, not to mention the click, click sounds. Plus you are grossing out the person next to you. I’ve even seen passengers polishing their nails, but not during the demo at least. Please don’t do this.

2. Listen To Their Mobile Device

Now that passengers can use their electronic devices in the non-transmitting mode throughout the entire flight, even fewer people pay attention anymore. Typically, the headphones go in almost immediately as they sit down and get settled in. Have a little manners folks, someone is talking to you, so listen. The flight attendants are really doing this for your benefit. Sure hopefully you won’t need it, but what if you do, would you know what to do? I’ve been on flights where an announcement is made that you cannot use headphones during the demo and rightly so. Even if you don’t want to listen, just wait to don those headphones.

Safety VIdeo - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Safety Video – Samsung Galaxy Note 4


3. Watch Something On Their iPad

With not much to do while the boarding process continues, passengers start a movie or Video Podcast on their iPad the moment they are settled in. There is a pause button, but its rarely used.


Safety Video - iPhone Mini
Safety Video – iPad Mini


4. Talk To Each Other Loudly

Some people just don’t care and start to have a new or continue their existing conversation while the demo continues. I’ve seen some flight attendants actually ask people to shut up. It’s funny and embarrassing to watch.


5. Scream (baby)

On a recent flight, this baby was screaming during the entire demonstration. I could hear the mother trying to keep him quiet, but it did not work. I know this cannot be helped as sometimes you can’t control the baby’s scream. Interestingly enough, he stopped as soon as the demonstration was complete. Really odd.


6. Take Something Out of Their Bag

This guy once got up during the demo as he’d forgotten his headset inside of his bag. The flight attendant quickly walked over and demanded that he close the bin and sat down. He did, reluctantly.


7. Fall Asleep

Now, no matter how tired I am, I really try to at least stay awake to watch the demonstration, but I’ve seen others grab a blanket if one exists, curl up and go to sleep. Even reclining their seats, which usually causes the flight attendant to wake them so they can place their seat in the uncomfortable upright position.


8. Stare Out The Window

As much as I love to stare out the window of an airplane, I refrain until the demo is over. Maybe an occasional glance, but I’ve seen people just look out continuously and then once the demo is over, they look inside again. Just plane rude.

Safety Video - Looking outside at Hong Kong Airport
Safety Video – Looking outside at Hong Kong Airport


9. Look For Something They Lost Under The Seat

I once saw this guy searching vigorously for something he had misplaced. He was literally on his knees looking under the seat while the demo continued. It looks like he did not find it and he gave up, he then put his headphones in and started reading a book.


10. Read

From a newspaper to a magazine to a book, this is by far the most common activity during the demo. The look on people’s faces are always so odd too; it’s like “I refuse to watch this demo, as such, I’m reading this really boring magazine that I’d never have read, even if you paid me.”

That’s 10 folks, if you have more, please add them in a comment below.
In an effort to combat the monotony of the safety videos, some airlines have spruced them up a bit. Not without controversy though, Air New Zealand is the latest to have people complain about their swimsuit safety video.
Here are a few of the funnier safety videos out there.
What have you seen people do while the safety video is on? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

8 thoughts on “10 Things Passengers Do During The Safety Demo, That They Shouldn’t

  1. I am the same. I fly so much and most of he time same airline or related airlines. so I do not need to pay attention to all the details sometimes, I feel like I could give a safety speech but I make sure not to disturb others But you are right, most people do other things during the safety speech. I think the issue is no one have told them why its important to listen to it even if you have traveled on the same airline 1000 times.

  2. I think Air New Zealand have the right idea by shaking it up a bit –
    Its all very well to say you wouldn’t ignore or not pay attention to a friend when they speak – but hopefully they wouldn’t be telling you the same tale, which is what it feels like if you fly frequently –
    Working out ways to spruce up the message – like any good media message – is the way to hold customers’ attention –
    Love the Hobbit Safety message – Now that’s brilliant 🙂

  3. I fly so much on the same airline, that I could give the safety speech. I don’t pay attention, but I don’t do anything to disturb others while it is on.

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