This Week’s App: Hotel Tonight

This Week's App: Hotel Tonight
Ever since Hotel Tonight was launched, I've been using it; I've gotten some good deals from time to time. It's the perfect App for my travels as it shows last minute hotels available in a particular city. It's actually great to play with it and see the prices of the hotels changes from the morning to the afternoon. When it was first developed, it only allowed 24 hour bookings, now you can book ...
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This Week’s App: Loungebuddy

This Week's App - Loungebuddy
This week, let's talk about Lounges. I'm a big fan of Airport Lounge membership. I love to get away from the airport populous and enjoy a glass of wine, a meal (yes some do give you meals), WiFi, get some rest, take a shower (this is major). But how do you know where the Lounges are located? Well, there are several ways, you could check on the airlines' Web site when you are planning your trip,...
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This Week’s App: Citymapper

This Week's App
This week, I'll look at an App that a friend of mine in London turned me on to a little while back. Since then I've always used it as its proved useful. Normally, when I travel, there are two go to Apps I like to use for navigation: Google Maps and Citymapper. The latter gives me information about specific cities at the moment, while the former is worldwide. Let's look at the latter; Citymapper...
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Airline Service Review: EOS Airlines (EO1) London-Stansted, England (STN) to New York-JFK, Queens NY (JFK)

EOS Flight 1 - 23 Oct 2005 - Cabin
EO1/23Oct2005 London-Stansted, England (STN) to New York-JFK, Queens NY (JFK) N926JS | Boeing 757-200ER   London, England I was up at the crack of dawn (well not quite as the sun came up about 7:15 a.m. or so) so that I could head out to Liverpool Street Station. I had no idea what time was the train, but I figured that if I got there for about 8 a.m. there should be a train within...
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15 Reasons Why Your Next Flight May Be Delayed

15 Reasons Why Your Flight May Be Delayed
When you fly using that great travel deal, most of the flights are ontime about 80% or so of the time, the other 20% or so of the time the delays are due to several reasons. In the U.S. ontime is counted as any departure/arrival within less than 15 minutes of the scheduled time and the Bureau of Statistics keeps track of it all. When you think about it though, 80% is pretty impressive considering ...
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