Airline Service Review: Singapore Airlines (SQ61) Houston-Intercontinental, TX (IAH) to Moscow-Domodedovo, Russia (DME)

Singapore Airlines (SQ61) Airline Service Review
SQ61/30Aug2015 Houston-Intercontinental, TX (IAH) to Moscow-Domodedovo, Moscow, Russia (DME) 9V-SWF | Boeing 777-300ER Singapore | twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube A friend of mine has some work in Moscow and he asked me to come over and hang with him for a bit. I had some other commitments and an unexpected turn of life events so I could not leave until Sunday, 20 Aug...
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New York City To London, England: 7 Luxurious Ways To Fly In Style Across The Atlantic Ocean

The most special way to cross the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London, England was Concorde. It was not only the most prestigious, but the most expensive and fastest. Since its retirement, many airlines have tried different approaches to make this happen. In this story, I take a look at 7 luxurious ways to fly in style across the Atlantic Ocean. [caption id="attachment_4142" align="aligncent...
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Airline Promotion: Alitalia Is Offering A Millemiglia Status Match

Alitalia Millemiglia Status Match
It's no secret that loyalty pays in any industry; the airline industry is no different. The airlines are always trying to lure customers from the competition and this is the latest move by Alitalia with their current Millemiglia Status Match. Some airlines like American Airlines have standing match programs while others is seasonal, etc. So how does the Millemiglia Status Match work? You ema...
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