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27 Rules To Live By On Your Next Trip: The Ultimate Guide To Airplane Etiquette

26 Rules To Live By On Your Next Trip: The Ultimate Guide To Airplane Etiquette
I think I'm sometimes in the air or at airports more than I am on the ground. Not really having a home is a contributing factor. This year (2014) alone, I've been on nineteen airlines and traversed five continents. I'll tell you, people are pretty much the same the world over, but some are a bit more orderly than others. I've seen some behavior for which my grandmother would have just given me on...
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Etihad Airways Welcomes You To The Residence

Just when you think the airlines are in the doldrums, one of them does something really spectacular. I'm usually sitting in Economy class in a middle seat enjoying my 16 hour flight, but this is certainly a better way going forward. I have flown Etihad before, thrice actually and had excellent service, so I'm looking forward to these changes. Introducing The Residence, a three-room suite onboar...
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7 Steps To Staying In Touch Cheaply When You Travel

I travel internationally a lot and it always drives me crazy to see the unsuspected turn on their phone once they arrive. I caution them about the roaming charges, but they look at me as if to stay, it's none of your business. I know they faint once they arrive home and see the bill though. Don't be that guy. As such, I've written a seven step process to follow so this won't happen to you. Here...
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Mistake Fares: 4 Miles To Hong Kong on United. Seriously! Let’s Be Real Now

Mistake Fares - Should You Buy One?
United just can't catch a break these days, first it was the 3-day cancellation of the flight in The People's Republic of China (PEK) and now last Sunday on United.com, you were able to purchase a ticket to Hong Kong for four (4), yes, 4 frequent flyer miles plus the applicable taxes and fees. Yup, a mistake fare. Obviously this is an error, but that did not stop many people from buying tickets...
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